Monday, January 11, 2010

Almost a Forever Family!

I CANNOT believe that Lyla is already 4 1/2 months old; or that I haven't blogged at all in three months; or that we are finally almost done with Lyla's adoption process.

Lyla is a happy, charming, adorable baby - she has brought so much joy to my life, and the lives of everyone around us. I can barely remember life before her, and even on those sleepless nights when I can barely get out of bed, I am still so, so thankful that she is in my life!!

We have a pretty good relationship with Lyla's birthmother - we text on holidays, email pictures, and chat on Facebook - in addition to the monthly letters and pictures we send through the agency.

We have done three of four home visits for post placement and two of three phone interviews with our social worker in Texas. The exciting news is that we have our court date! March 4th will be Lyla's forever family day. Frank and I have made a pact to celebrate this day (and the forever family day of any other children we adopt) as a true holiday - we will take off from work, and Lyla gets to make all the decisions for her day. If she wants chicken fingers for breakfast - it's ok by me! (hey, it's one day a year!) I'm really looking forward to our first forever family day, and the tons and tons that will follow.

In the mean time, we have we have enjoyed a lot of firsts with Lyla so far, and have had some great times. Here's a few snapshots of some highlights...

Lyla's Christening

Lyla's first family Jets day (even though Mommy & Daddy are really Colts fans)

And Lyla's first Christmas

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