Monday, August 17, 2009

Still Waiting...

So we got to Texas Saturday afternoon, just in time for our birthmom to be released from the hospital. Which is actually great news because we were able to hang out with her, her sister and her sister's family for a long time Saturday night, and then went out to breakfast with them Sunday morning. We got to see the photo album of her family she is putting together for the baby, and really get to know a lot more about her.

We went back to the hospital Sunday night so they could induce, but it turns out someone is VERY comfortable in there and just not ready to come out yet. So after a few hours they let us go - though we didn't get to see an ultrasound which was really cool!

Our birthmom was told to do as much walking as she can, though in this heat that really isn't much unless she's just walking around the house. We head back to the doctor at 8 am Tuesday morning for another check up and they will decide if they are going to induce or perform a c-section. For the sake of our birthmom I hope the baby is ready to come out!

Fingers still crossed, but I think this is going to be such a strong adoption, with a great relationship with the birthmom. I know I said I wasn't going to say things like that until it was official, but I can't help it - this has been such a wonderful experience so far, and I know that our birthmom is happy with her decision to choose us as her adoptive parents! I feel so lucky! (aye-yay-yay why do I do this to myself?!)

Friday, August 14, 2009

And We're Off!

My birthmother had contractions start today, but they were able to stop them at the hospital - both mom and baby are in good health. We will arrive tomorrow afternoon around 2:30 pm, and as soon as we get to the hospital and make our introductions, they will induce her.

This is incredibly exciting. As long as baby doesn't decide tonight's the night, we will get to see her birth. SO COOL. And so cool that the birthmother and doctor are sensitive to our excitement and completely planning around us getting there. This couldn't get any better.

Everything is crossed, and I can't wait to get to Texas. The bags are packed (and yes, the unborn baby definitely has more than we do already!), and I am off to I could sleep!

P.S. Nephew is still in the hospital but being released tomorrow, so all is well with the world :-)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Last Day?

Since my company found out that I was adopting, they instituted an adoption maternity leave that 100% matches the "regular" maternity leave policy, which means I will get to spend three months at home with my baby. Obviously I am THRILLED with this since most companies don't even have an adoption policy, and certainly not one that matches maternity leave since it isn't mandatory or covered by disability.

Today is my last day at work (KNOCK ON WOOD). We are headed to Texas in just a few days, which leaves me with tomorrow to get everything together and fully prepare. The excitement is tangible and I can't wait to get down to Texas and meet my birthmother and soon-to-be-daughter.

Thank you all for your support and please keep your fingers crossed. I will let you know AS SOON AS it's official!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What a Week

11 hours of sleep since Sunday morning...and we don't even have a baby yet!

Our newphew came to visit on Sunday, and Monday we ended up admitting him into the hospital for an eye infection. He had a procedure done last night (at 1:30 am) to drain the infection that has swelled his eye shut, but there was nothing in there so it's all just inflammation and they don't know why. They did a biopsy, but we won't have answers for a few days so he just has to sit in the hospital. So frustrating and I feel awful for him.

On a brighter note, we are getting close to our due date! It's actually tomorrow, but our birthmother had a doc appointment today and she's not dialating yet. She is going back to the doc on Friday, and if all goes well they can induce on Monday - so we are flying down this weekend to spend some time with her before she goes into labor. WOO HOO! We also talked about hair care products since the baby is African American and I am not quite the expert in that area yet (though I will be!). She gave me some good tips, and her sister told me what she does for her 6 month old daughter, so I am feeling pretty well prepared, and really lucky that we are having these kinds of conversations.


Sunday, August 9, 2009

"One Lovely Blog Award"

I'm so excited to announce that Sally at The Adoptive Parent has awarded me the "One Lovely Blog Award." It's kind of surreal to know that other people are out there not only reading my blog, but GETTING it and connecting with it. This is pretty cool. Thanks Sally!

OK, so the rules of the "One Lovely Blog Award" are: Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link. Pass the award to 15* other blogs that you’ve newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

Unfortunately, I can't list 15 other blogs that I follow, but below is a list of the blogs that I enjoy reading. They aren't all about adoption, but they all give me a reason to smile and keep reading!

Amstel Life - A birthmother's view of open adoption that has set us down a wonderful open path as well

Beanie Baby Blog - Another mommy-in-waiting, waiting for her turn

Flowers & Weeds - A still growing adoptive family, with a lot of great insight on adoption

The Kamienski Chronicles - Real life with an adorable 2 year old

Thanks again Sally - I'm off to start reading the other blogs on your list!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

One Week Out

I'm ridiculously excited, but still trying to play it cool - I have an irrational fear of jinxing this. I have the bassinet, car seat, sling, and a few neutral newborn outfits, along with a stuffed and ready to go diaper bag. That's it. We haven't even talked about the nursery this time around, but of course I know exactly what it will look like when I let myself picture it.

Hubby talked to BM and her sister Tuesday night, and that seems to have gone well. We are hoping the more we talk to BM the less awkward it will be when we meet her next week...and hopefully as she gets to know us she still beleives she made the right choice with us! And I decided that I am going to buy her and I matching baby album/memory books. This way we can store all the stuff from the hospital, and as I fill things in, I'll let her know so she can keep her's up to date too. I think it will be a great way for us to continue bonding and for her to keep connected to the baby.

Also talked to my social worker today who told me she will be out of town for the next week and a half, which means we have been handed off to another case worker - but the good news is that I LOVE the other case worker, so although it's a bit jarring to realize your social worker is not going to be available when your daughter is will all be fine!

I've started looking at hotels and flights. Scared to book, but if I don't book now the prices will just get higher and higher. But I'll be refundable tickets so it shouldn't be considered a jinx. But fingers crossed nonetheless!

My mom also left for Ireland today for her first real vacation in a LONG time, and her first time out of the country. She of course is devastated that she won't be here when the baby is born, but she'll be home before we are so hopefully she is feeling reassured by that. And maybe she'll buy a baby Irish sweater (after she gets the call that it went through, of course!)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It's August? ALREADY?

Time is flying by. Quick update on life:

The weekend was spent moving oldest stepdaughter from 3rd floor walk-up apartment to 3rd floor walk-up apartment down the road. Needless to say I am feeling pretty buff, and proud to say that by the time me, her mom and her dad left the apartment Saturday, it was in pretty good shape for a less than 72 hour spree!

Unrelated, my Trumpette order came today - 3 sets of socks for 2 baby boys and they are just adorable. They also sent me a free pair of little girl slippers - dare I say that's a good sign since I only ordered boy items??

On the adoption front, I spoke with birthmom for the first time yesterday, and then again today. I also spoke to her sister, who she is currently living with. They both seem lovely, and this truly does seem like it's fully Ashley's plan and her family is supportive. So it was a good conversation yesterday - I spoke to both of them for about 45 minutes (more the sister, but I think she's just older and more talkative). BM wants a pretty open relationship, which I think is pretty cool. It makes me a little nervous because she wants to see the baby the whole time she's in the hospital...and after what happened last time, it makes me nervous that she'll change her mind, but I have to respect her decision. She's also making a photo album for me of her and her family so the baby has it - which is AWESOME and I'm really excited about that. Overall, it was a great conversation, and hopefully this is the start of something beautiful!

Then today her sister called my cell while I was in a meeting (and of course I had left my cell in my office) so I get back to find 2 messages.
Message #1: BM is having contractions and they are on their way to the hospital, they'll call back with an update
Message #2: False alarm - she's not even dialated and they sent her home. YIKES!
SO I spoke with her this afternoon and she's feeling fine, but was in a bit of shock since she thought she had another week to go. If baby stays put, we are looking at an August 13th delivery date.