Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What a Week

11 hours of sleep since Sunday morning...and we don't even have a baby yet!

Our newphew came to visit on Sunday, and Monday we ended up admitting him into the hospital for an eye infection. He had a procedure done last night (at 1:30 am) to drain the infection that has swelled his eye shut, but there was nothing in there so it's all just inflammation and they don't know why. They did a biopsy, but we won't have answers for a few days so he just has to sit in the hospital. So frustrating and I feel awful for him.

On a brighter note, we are getting close to our due date! It's actually tomorrow, but our birthmother had a doc appointment today and she's not dialating yet. She is going back to the doc on Friday, and if all goes well they can induce on Monday - so we are flying down this weekend to spend some time with her before she goes into labor. WOO HOO! We also talked about hair care products since the baby is African American and I am not quite the expert in that area yet (though I will be!). She gave me some good tips, and her sister told me what she does for her 6 month old daughter, so I am feeling pretty well prepared, and really lucky that we are having these kinds of conversations.


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