Thursday, August 6, 2009

One Week Out

I'm ridiculously excited, but still trying to play it cool - I have an irrational fear of jinxing this. I have the bassinet, car seat, sling, and a few neutral newborn outfits, along with a stuffed and ready to go diaper bag. That's it. We haven't even talked about the nursery this time around, but of course I know exactly what it will look like when I let myself picture it.

Hubby talked to BM and her sister Tuesday night, and that seems to have gone well. We are hoping the more we talk to BM the less awkward it will be when we meet her next week...and hopefully as she gets to know us she still beleives she made the right choice with us! And I decided that I am going to buy her and I matching baby album/memory books. This way we can store all the stuff from the hospital, and as I fill things in, I'll let her know so she can keep her's up to date too. I think it will be a great way for us to continue bonding and for her to keep connected to the baby.

Also talked to my social worker today who told me she will be out of town for the next week and a half, which means we have been handed off to another case worker - but the good news is that I LOVE the other case worker, so although it's a bit jarring to realize your social worker is not going to be available when your daughter is will all be fine!

I've started looking at hotels and flights. Scared to book, but if I don't book now the prices will just get higher and higher. But I'll be refundable tickets so it shouldn't be considered a jinx. But fingers crossed nonetheless!

My mom also left for Ireland today for her first real vacation in a LONG time, and her first time out of the country. She of course is devastated that she won't be here when the baby is born, but she'll be home before we are so hopefully she is feeling reassured by that. And maybe she'll buy a baby Irish sweater (after she gets the call that it went through, of course!)


  1. I've passed a blog award on to you. You can stop by my blog to read about it :)

  2. Here's to hoping next week you become just a "mommy" - you've waited long enough.