Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Looking Good...KNOCK ON WOOD

So it sounds like the meeting between our birthmother and the social worker went well! And first and foremost let me announce that we are expecting a little girl - ballerina socks here I come!

It sounds like this is HER adoption plan, and she hasn't been forced in to it, which bodes well for us and our future relationship with her. Her family seems supportive, she has definitive goals for the future and has already started planning her life after pregnancy. All good signs!

I'm hoping to get out of work early today so that I can call her and introduce myself. I'm glad she's open to talking to us. We figured it's best if I call her first, then bring Frank into the conversation - the two of us could be overwhelming at first!

My social worker also made the point of telling her about our first loss situation, and how delicate these situations are. She said the birthmother felt awful for us, and assured her she is ready to follow her plan. I know this still isn't a guarantee, but I have to appreciate that she's being proactive here and really seems to want to do this. Fingers crossed everyone!